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Tim Hawkinson

So, how about this for art that’s been around for ages but I somehow haven’t seen:


“Humongolous” 1995.

Link to Ace Gallery

The online gallery has a few from this series and several images that I really enjoyed. The collection overall though, is pretty inconsistent. While on the one hand the variety is a refreshing show of an artist who manages to remain free to do a lot of different things, it also looks a bit like a failure to edit. I’ve had damn near a student a semester who wanted to do a hands onto the fingers of other hands onto the fingers of other hands… in intro to Photoshop… Perhaps my perspective is tainted. Eeek. That said, I love the combination of fleshiness with awkwardness and clumsiness in the figurative works. I even appreciate the figurative sculptures that tend toward that vein over the others. I also think the large works on paper, like “Wall Chart of World History from Earliest Times to the Present” are a nice addition to the micro/macro, quasi-biological obsessive drawing genre. I’ve seen enough people take their work that direction that, yeah, I called it a “genre”. But, I haven’t seen many that I enjoy as much as these.

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