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10 rules for being an artist/student/teacher

These are from the Immaculate Heart College Art Dept:

ten rules

I found them via BoingBoing (hoping to finally come across a crocheted robot I’d could be as excited about as they are…)

I relish the idea that I could post these in my classroom and suddenly, magically, all of my students would become good. The dude who can’t comprehend why I think it’s disrespectful to put on headphones while I lecture (no, the other one…) would instantly morph into a functioning adult.

These are good though – in the way that those of us who already get it find it provocative – while our young darling acolytes are more likely to just stare at it blankly after 90 seconds of unsuccessful reflection. I’m driven by the fantasy that in another decade, the intended beneficiaries of these rules will look back and say, “Oh, yeah, I get it. My teacher must have been s-o-o-o-o smart!”


Of course, I’m also endlessly curious at the notion that any complex issue can be solved and cured with just one short list (a la lifehacker). It’s reassuring, if naive.

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