blog as sketchbook

It’s one of many possibilities – the blog as sketchbook. Writers blog as a journal, so I know this must be the same.

Some artists use their blogs as online representation – i.e. for “real” work. I already have a site for that and have kinda sorta tried online galleries and Flickr, etc. A public sketchbook interests me though… a suggestion for a substantive idiom in emergent “new media” culture… as maybe even a bridge between people like myself who learned art without computers and my students’ generation whom pundits have declared to view privacy differently than I do.

In an exploration and (I think) constructive use of student guinea-pigs, I’ve asked all 5 of my advanced computer graphics students and all, what 8?, of my web design students to maintain sketchbook blogs this semester. They’ll be linked here as each one gets started.

So, to be a good sport, here are some of my sketches – qualified as things that probably kept my mind going but won’t at any time become finished art works. They were made in Facebook’s “Graffiti” app – a challenge in itself – in an earlier and small stab at “public” sketching. I call them “dichotomies”.


When I figure out if I can do the “click to expand” link, I will.


Mapping/Sphere of Influence?

Part through procrastination, largely by interest, I’ve become curious about the relationships among geography, my career, and my personal experience. What else to do but put it all in Google Earth, right?

So, as you may have just assumed if you’ve discovered that I’m college faculty, I’m currently looking for a new job. (I’m employed on a one year contract and on the losing trickle-down of statewide budget cuts. Although, if not for that there would probably be another reason.) So… I wonder if it’s possible to predict where I might go to teach next year based on where I, my art, or people I know have been.

Here are the maps (I’m only doing the continental U.S.):

Places I’ve been
Places I’ve been

Places where I have friends
Places where I gots people

Places my art has been
Places where my art has been

Places where I’ve lived
Places where I’ve lived

Jobs I’ve applied to
Places where I’ve applied/am applying for jobs

So, where might I or my art work end up next? In the voids? In a place with the most dense overlay of markers? Or does it matter at all for a guy who doesn’t get to leave his computer on most days?

10 rules for being an artist/student/teacher

These are from the Immaculate Heart College Art Dept:

ten rules

I found them via BoingBoing (hoping to finally come across a crocheted robot I’d could be as excited about as they are…)

I relish the idea that I could post these in my classroom and suddenly, magically, all of my students would become good. The dude who can’t comprehend why I think it’s disrespectful to put on headphones while I lecture (no, the other one…) would instantly morph into a functioning adult.

These are good though – in the way that those of us who already get it find it provocative – while our young darling acolytes are more likely to just stare at it blankly after 90 seconds of unsuccessful reflection. I’m driven by the fantasy that in another decade, the intended beneficiaries of these rules will look back and say, “Oh, yeah, I get it. My teacher must have been s-o-o-o-o smart!”


Of course, I’m also endlessly curious at the notion that any complex issue can be solved and cured with just one short list (a la lifehacker). It’s reassuring, if naive.