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Every Day on the Internet is the Same

I went to New York yesterday.

Perhaps, after it settles in and I get some free time in between preparing for interviews, applying to more jobs, and doing the one I have, I’ll post some links to the better art I saw.

The thing that occurs to me now though is — that I didn’t see the intarweb for some 36 hours or so.  Then, when I checked in on it, aside from some Scrabulous matches, everything new is the exact same thing that’s been “new” every day for a nebulous long long while.  I mean thank any lord you choose that Ron Paul is off the viral web campaigns now.  But, all the Diggs and Reddits are still indistinguishable from the spam and conspiracies, etc.  As far as I’d ever be able to tell, Boing Boing just changed the titles and could very well have posted the same novelty consumer knickknacks they posted last week.

In summary, I’m questioning what I’m doing in this virtual place and think I’ll log off now.

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