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Palden Weinreb

For the first time in a long long time, I saw art that I wish I had made. If I can remember – that is if I’m not waxing nostalgic – it’s something that happens all the time to (engaged) art students. Older, but only debatably less lost, this is a rare thing. A distinct although inarticulate emotion… to see art works with an “a ha! thats something I wanted to say, but have not yet done so.” In that feeling is both the joy of seeing an idea you’ve been trying to assemble manifested right there in real life in front of you; and then envy, because, well, maybe if you had aligned your decisions differently you could have found the presence to solve the problem yourself (rather than tackle the Sisyphean endeavor to bring community college students into artistic adulthood). But then, right there is this wonderful thing and there’s no sense in being caught up in yourself at the expense of enjoying it.

All of this happened, of course, last Thursday when I took the Greyhound up to New York to walk around Chelsea for the day.

Palden Weinreb

Palden Weinreb – “Untitled (Series 3 #6_9)”

Here is an image I swiped from the artist’s web site. Although I like it quite a bit, I liked what I saw up at Dinter Fine Art much more. In my own mind I couldn’t help but see Weinreb’s work as akin to both Toba Khedoori and Katy Fischer (in Chicago). In all are elegance and simplicity. In Weinreb’s drawings then, more so than Khedoori and Fischer, there is also a back-and-forth between “there” and “not there”, presence and absence, being formed but still empty. Oh, and also of course, the images don’t come across at all online, you’ll have to go see them in person for yourself.

Palden Weinreb’s site

Dinter Fine Art

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