Ooh! (raise hand)! I know why “Art Cannot be Taught”!

Confessions of a Community College Dean has a lighty-cathartic-to read-commiseration-from-the-other-side post about interviewing that is makes this here job candidate feel better, although it is of little reassurance to those of us who will have to learn to barista if we don’t find something for when our current restricted contract ends:


Go there and that will suffice you with a post to compensate for the one’s I’ll continue to not write while I prepare for two on-campus interviews next week.

Wish me luck, and do a little dance for the Salary Gods for me.

Oh, and, yeah, Mr. Elkins, although I enjoyed your book and even the class of yours I took while I was an undergrad, I now know that the reason art can not be taught is that those of us who teach it are too busy skipping from one-year gig to one-year gig trying to survive administrations who could really not care less about art.  (Double that for all the community colleges that seem to have inherited “No Child Left Behind” logic, albeit with other catch phrases, “Achieving the Dream”…)


Happy Sakura-ness


I’m having trouble keeping up with posting – thoughts on art, teaching, trying to get people to give me permanant contracts to teach art…

In the last two weeks or so, I’ve had two phone interviews and driven to Cincinnati and back to attend my grandmother’s funeral.  I’ve also been invited to participate in a show at Montgomery College in Rockville, MD – which obligated me to spend a bit of time making frames (then putting my work into them).  My classes have made it apparent that they’re not fine without me, although I have little sympathy given their dearth of efforts on all fronts.

So, outside my window, next to my balcony, it a beautiful cherry tree full of blossoms.  It’s like a comfy arm chair (something I don’t own), like art to Matisse…

Above is a photo my wife took at the Tidal Basin on Sunday.