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No More Moaning!

I made some changes to the links.

While, once upon a couple of weeks ago, I derived solace and pleasure from reading blogs within which suffering tenuristas and tenure-seekers bitched and moaned with great eloquence about just exactly how shitty their students are…  now, I don’t.  I just don’t.

As I’ve detailed in moan upon moan, over the past few months I’ve begun to see just how many things about academia make it a really shitty industry to work in.  So, as soon as it quit me, I quit it.  Take that!  And then a great weight was lifted from my heart.  (Sure, a heart that may soon be crushed by poverty – as chances must be taken…)

For clarity’s sake – I love teaching and I love teaching young adults, even the difficult ones – I just don’t like much about employment in academia.

For years, my wife loathed going out with my faculty friends because all we do is complain about students!  Yeah, the kids, more than a fair quota of them are essentially worthless.  They don’t want to be there and we don’t want them there.  And so on…   And we’ve all got one story about some slacker even more unbelievable than the last.  Our need to vent is truly incredible.

It’s just that it’s so negative.  Being a teacher, it makes me negative.  I’ve long been cynical, true…   But I was never so negative.

And now that I don’t think of myself as college faculty any more, all the complaining and insulting young people who honestly do demand to be insulted just looks so ridiculous.  How many years can you continue to be astonished by the idiocy of kids who are more or less being forced into college before you begin to realize that your astonishment may be a symptom of your own refusal to acknowledge exactly what your job is and learn how to perform that job well (as opposed to obstinately doing the job you wish your job was)?

So, I removed links to these sites:


I’m listing them here so all of you who are still in need of such comiseration may find it.

Update: back by popular demand:
As a commenter pointed out, the Cranky Prof doesn’t really complain about her students so much as she just embraces her crankiness.  I think I let myself sweep up her blog with the house cleaning due only to the most recent post (now the second), rather than bothering to remember what I’ve seen when reading all the other ones.  A month out of academia and my rigor is already slipping…

I’ve kept a couple of other teaching-related links because I think they offer some insight or human perspective, etc.

Then, I added these:

Feline Formal Shorts
Out of my Ears

Quod She
The Clutter Museum

They’re by people who teach or counsel.  They’re a mix of insight, humanity, and poetry.  No complaining just to complain.

I feel like I’m coming out of detox.  Ah, fresh air…

4 Responses

  1. Wow, I’ve never been called “a mix of insight, humanity, and poetry” before! Cool! (OK, it was my *blog* you were saying that about, but still…) Thanks!

    But why not reinstate the Cranky Prof to your list? Sure, he calls himself Cranky, but I’ve actually never seen a post of his complain about students. In fact, I *loved* reading this past semester as he wrote from Italy on a study-abroad project, where he talked about cool assignment after cool assignment and posted pictures of smiling, happy students. The only thing he got cranky about, as I recall, was his knee giving out on him!

    (I feel like I have to stick up for a fellow medievalist. Sorry if I’m butting in.)

    But I really hear you about the problem of too much venting, especially in the blogosphere. I try not to do it, or rather, to see each time I feel like venting as an opportunity for *me* to learn how to prevent the particular kind of situation or else how to let it go. So then it becomes about my teaching persona and professional life and not about the student.

    Anyway, thanks for keeping me on your blog roll!

  2. You’re going to laugh…I was talking about a different Cranky Professor! Who knew there were two! I should’ve followed the link, but assumed that you meant the medievalist art historian. His blog is here: http://crankyprofessor.com/. You might like it.

    I will now cease making suggestions on a blog I only just discovered via my Technorati links!

    Cheerfully yours,
    Dr. V.

  3. Ha ha.

    I did laugh, but in a nice way.

    I appreciate the comment nonetheless. And, thanks for pointing out the (other) cranky professor. I’ve only been able to look over his blog for a minute so far, but it looks good so far.

  4. Thanks for adding me! I’m glad you enjoy my blog.

    I’m notoriously bad about updating my blogroll, but on the next go-round, I’ll definitely add yours. Nice blog!

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