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Jobs I’ve Had Meme…

  1. Construction Laborer.
  2. Hod Carrier.
  3. Did paid training to work at an amusement park, then promptly quit.
  4. Hod Carrier.
  5. Art Installer for corporate gallery (hung banal pictures in offices).
  6. On-call Preparator for high-end designer furniture gallery.
  7. Hod Carrier.
  8. Shyster who wore a tie and sold crap door-to-door to businesses/ temporary endurer of pyramid scheme.  Quit after 2 days when I found job #9.
  9. Canvasser for what is probably the best known environmental organization.  Lost job when the board ran the budget into the ground and closed all of the national offices except for the one they were at. The only time I’ve received severance pay.
  10. Waiter at a small-scale chain Italian family restaurant.
  11. Temporary bar-back at a Chicago Mercantile Exchange trader’s hang out.
  12. Did a one-day job on a crew proctoring chiropractic exams.
  13. Waiter at huge restaurant that is essentially Chuck-E-Cheese for adults (but wasn’t Chuck-E’s).
  14. Assistant to a mosaic artist.  Quit after two weeks because I learned he often didn’t pay employees.  Co-workers who stuck it out did not get paid.
  15. Bartender/Asst. Manager at upscale French Restaurant.
  16. Regular On-call Guy to hang art and Spackle walls at a little non-profit gallery.
  17. Studio Assistant to a sculptor.  Jobs 15-17 were concurrent, I eventually quit 15, stopped doing 16 and kept 17.
  18. Preparator at big, well-reputed art gallery.
  19. Bartender at a fine dining Italian restaurant.  Jobs 17-19 were concurrent and basically equaled one small salary.
  20. Library Preservation Technician (student worker job during grad. school).
  21. Computer Lab Technician (grad. TA position).
  22. Teaching Assistant in Art History.
  23. Instructor of Record in Computer Graphics (glorified TA position).
  24. Instructor of Record in Art Studio Foundations (glorified TA position).
  25. Website Technician.
  26. Freelance Designer/art hack who did anything art-related for money, mostly websites though.
  27. Program Director for a small non profit in youth arts education (only paid when we could find funding).
  28. Preparator for a gallery that sold overpriced 16-19th cent. decorative prints *Jobs 26-28 were concurrent.
  29. Consultant in graphics software.  *Concurrent with 26 & 27 and allowed me to quit 28.
  30. Adjunct Instructor in graphic design *Concurrent with 26 & 27, but not 28 or 29.
  31. Adjunct instructor in digital media art and graphic design.  *Concurrent with 26 & 27, but not 28, 29, or 30.
  32. Another graphics consulting gig, woo hoo! – not that it made up for adjunct-level impoverishment.
  33. Visiting Assistant Professor – one-year teaching digital media art.
  34. Instructor for a summer arts program for teens.
  35. Assistant Professor of Art – one-year contract for a position that was then eliminated.
  36. … oh, right, I don’t have a job now…

That all represents 18 years of employment, to the best of my ability to remember it.  I was also able to go to undergrad., grad. school, and maintain an active art studio practice between schools and after grad. school while holding all of those jobs – until #33.  That’s mostly because I was looking for an academic job while doing one full-time.  Now, I’m looking for job 36 and slowly returning to activity as an artist.

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