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Oh, the Words!

“Time Horizon”…

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

(href equals wonkette)

The guy being interviewed on the radio made a point, without being asked, to explain that they had not just switched to “Obama’s plan”.  Why admit you’ve ever been wrong?  Why admit someone who isn’t on your team was right?  Ever, in your entire life…

What a dick.

This, on the same day that I heard the word “staycation” used in a context that wasn’t a joke.  I thought it could only be used as as joke.  I mean sure, I turned on my TV before 9:00 am, there was Good Morning America, I deserved what I got.  What does it all mean though?  Is it a sign that:

  1. The world ended a long time ago and I just didn’t notice?
  2. The world is fine, it’s just TV that makes it look like we’ve entered satan’s reign?
  3. The economy is really so bad that so many people formerly of the vacationing classes can no longer vacation and GMA is just here to help?
  4. Americans who are already notoriously inexperienced travelers as compared to the rest of the G7 have taken one more step in their refusal to mix with “other” people?
  5. Homeschoolers have taken on another industry?
  6. It’s actually a positive encouragement for people who haven’t worked their way up to a vacationing class to stop and spend some leisure time with their families?
  7. It’s just a terrible marketing ploy to get people who can’t afford vacations to buy bocce ball sets and margarita mix?
  8. Even worse, a similar, yet even more terrible ploy by the Hawaiian Shirt Association to find a new market?

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