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Hey, Look at all that stuff outside the window, where’d it all come from?

Much to my surprise, the other day I discovered that there were these clear rectangles of glass all over the walls of my apartment.  And, when I looked at them, I discovered I could see through them; and that there was a whole world of stuff outside.  And none of it was the internet.

I supposed I’ve been sort of busy – a relative term for an unemployed former Asst. Prof. who would have been off for the summer even if he did have a job…

Last week a friend and former colleague roped me into volunteering at the new student orientation, because “his girlfriend bought the plane tickets for his vacation” and he couldn’t reschedule…  So, even though I’m no longer an employee of (un)said college, I went in and talked to students, advised, and double checked the schedules of those who had already figured out that they could register themselves online.  Gotta take that Student Development class early on…

I think one of the natural questions would be to ask why, out of however many full-time faculty at the college, do they need to resort to someone who doesn’t even work there to fill in their orientation manpower.  Sure, 9-month faculty aren’t paid to come in over the summer.  But, I’m not paid at all…  Oh, right… between 75 and 80% of the faculty are adjuncts, they probably can’t afford the gas to drive in for something that won’t pay them.  Maybe there just aren’t enough full-time faculty left.  And, I was on the new student orientation committee…  My role was to design correspondence materials to try and attract more students.  Still, even with “my work” done, I was right there at the top of the list of people to pressure in.  And, they did have free coffee and some absolutely delicious coconut cookies.

Truth be told though, that question, “why doesn’t someone else do it?”, never really got any traction for me this time around.  Well, for one, with all that summer idle time, I was glad to get out.  And, as you may know, the faculty who volunteer for these things are among those who lead by action.  They are the kindest and the most contributory among the faculty.  So, I had a pretty good time hanging out with them.  On top of that, maybe because this was the first day of college, the students were delightful – in a sense of “delightful” that’s relative to the term “student”, that is…  Here, some time prior to “oh shit I forgot to drop before the 60% census date, oh please don’t fail me Mr. Professor” point, orientation focuses us faculty almost solely on students’ goals.  What do you want to do?  Oh, here are the classes you need to take.  This will make a good semester.  Do you really think it’s a good idea to take all of your classes on one day?  Perhaps I should have gone into counseling.

After that, on Saturday I exercised a bit and then read by the pool (a small one shared by the residents of our apartment complex, usually full of lots of kids).  Oh, glory to relaxation.  But, seeing that, one: I’m white, and two: I usually only take my shirt off in public once or twice a year (always for swimming), I got sunburn instantly.  And, here’s the worst part, you can see stripes on my stomach from were my, um, “skin” folds…  Eeek.  And most people consider me to be pretty thin.  Huh.  I don’t know how this happened.  One thing’s for sure though, my disinterest in a career as an underwear model hasn’t involved fighting off any offers.

Most importantly, I had a job interview yesterday.  Of the few I’ve had outside of academia since I decided earlier this summer to go outside of academia, this one was for the most singularly awesome job.  Wish me luck – they should be deliberating about who to call in for round two any time now.  In any case, if I get it, I’ll mention at some half-assed level of anonymity what the job is.  It does raise one question though:  although have the power to change the blog title from “Teaching Artist”, what do you do with a blog domain like “meteechart” if you’re no longer an art teacher?  I don’t know…  I know I’m not planning on changing it though.

In the meantime, I’ve been more regular about posting to my other, very new blog.  Ever wonder what someone named “meteechart” eats for dinner?  Well, every night that I cook, I write out what I made at: selfcongratulatoryblogaboutdinner.wordpress.com.  I enjoy cooking.  It springs from a scarring adolescence from whence cooking really well came to represent triumph through what I’ll just call “early onset self sufficiency”.  I’m no professional though.  I just think I manage to eat pretty well fairly inexpensively – aided by an ever expanding herb garden growing in flower pots on my balcony.  Mostly though, I thought that the blog would be the best way to start trying to remember the recipes I come up with.  And, why not make your recipe book public?  Perhaps the act of writing will help me improve.  To finish out the plug, here are the posts I’ve made so far:

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