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It’s Not their Bodies, it’s the Money

Speaking about men’s gymnastics, one of the announcers commented on the growing trend of “older” competitors in the sport.  My immediate thought was that it must reflect improvements in sports medicine.  But, the guy on the TV said this:

In this day and age, the atheletes are able to support themselves with gymnastics, allowing them to stay in the sport much longer.

You see, it has nothing to do with their physical ability, it’s all about the money.

I can totally identify.

I mean, not with the physical part… but you know, with a relative equivalent…

Of course, the “older” athlete he was talking about was 27.

On a very related note, I’ve been posting less often over the past week or two because I’ve had a lot of off-blog-topic things on my mind lately.  I’m busy making art that’s in a state at which I don’t want or need to talk about it.  And, then there’s job hunting.  The past few days, I’ve also been enjoying a book called “An Ocean in Iowa.”

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