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The End of Times!

At least they’re funny this time…  From the web site over at the Landover Baptist Church (I’ll just put on a screen shot rather than post a link here to anything associated with them):

Alternately, you could just think of women as, you know, real people with, um, you know, uh, brains and amazing athletic abilities and stuff…

That, and, really, what could stop young boys from masturbating?

’cause, you know, if women hug, it probably doesn’t have anything to do with friendship or comraderie or team spirit or anything like that.  I’ll bet the first thing on those Brazilian atheletes’ minds is what some shy, chubby 13 year old in Kansas is thinking about right now.

At least the “church” was kind enough to re-post the hot girl on girl action for its own members.  “But, mama, can I’s go to the internets if I just go to the church’s web site?”…

And while we’re on the subject the things that “inspire” teenage boys, here’s a video compilation of Britney Spears performances paired with the actual sound from her mic while she’s lipsynching.  (Because WordPress won’t allow embedding Flash videos, you’ll have to click on the image and go watch it on the host site):

Click to go and see the sad, sad video of what Britney sounds like while she's lipsynching

Click to go and see the sad, sad video of what Britney sounds like while she

I know I should be ashamed to say it, but watching this made me laugh.  Until about 2/3 of the way through when I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to turn it off, that is.

And, I don’t want to perpetuate tabloidesque Britney bashing or anything of the sort.  Like I mentioned a while back, I thought she looked great with her head shaved.  I had hoped she was about to follow in the way of Debbie Gibson and go on tour with a punk band or something.  I was really looking forward to it.  I mean, if you need jaded rants against the establishment to lay down over your three bass chords, go straight to the source…

Anyway, to be more high minded, I think that seeing this, to ask just exactly how and why she (and the rest of the pop star minions) landed their superstar jobs – in the face of a huge pool of people who are in fact very talented singers, many of whom also fit the “aesthetic requirements” – is to look straight into the saddest realities of the “culture” part of our culture.  At least American Idol and Eurovision, et al, turn it over to a perversion of democracy, but democratic selection nonetheless, in which some variation on an ability to hit notes becomes a factor in success.


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