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Start Rolling Out Your Soup Kitchens

So, in my last post I waxed not-very-poetically about art as a force for political change.

I went with art that describes the legacy of political decisions on our built environment − with the built environment as evidence of social conditions.

I also mentioned in an aside that I generally prefer to diminish the distinctions among forms of creative human production, i.e. as often springs up among conceptions of art, design, and craft, etc.

And so, today I present to you a charming and disquieting animated explanation of economics 101.  Or, why almost everyone who will stumble across an art & teaching related blog doesn’t have a clue about how contemporary economics works.  It’s quite timely and very political given that, apparently, the United States will explode tomorrow if John McCain doesn’t personally bitchslap our banks back into line, or something like that.

When you have 45 minutes, it’s worth a watch.

Provided with a disclaimer that this one video is the source for almost everything I know about 21st century capitalist monetary systems:  I’m left with a lingering malaise that we’re going to have to address our banking collapse either by just letting them all fail; suffering through The Even Greater Depression, with years of poverty and famine − to “correct” “the market”, resetting a longer course of relative prosperity until the next time things correct themselves by getting fucked up again.  (Here’s to hoping that a master’s degree in art will provide me ample resource to avoid starvation.)  Or, we should just call it quits and start over with some kind of isolationist anarchy or maybe a giant hippie commune.

I guess that’s why no one has called me to ask for help drafting the bailout.


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