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On Agism

…”Oh Grandpa John, you’re ways are s-o-o-o out dated”.

…”Now, now, Barack, you rascally whippersnapper, you’ll understand when you grow up.”

You know its out there.

It oscillates between accusations of obdurateness calcified by age – overreaching projections of trouble operating remote controls, and allegations of a misplaced confidence originating from youthful inexperience.

Certainly, the circumstances of a person’s life, including time, influence his/her perspective on things.  It only seems natural that those who share circumstances with a candidate are more likely to share an affinity with his/her perspective.

That commonality has never seemed to make everyone agree in the past, however.

And, that might be why it hasn’t gotten much traction.

So, all I have to say about it is this:

Their rendition of I Wanna be Sedated comes across as a little dark, in context.

And, in case you don’t have much connection to ’90s music or grunge rock, here’s the Youtube search result for Young at Heart, with a track list that ranges from Hendrix to Coldplay.

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