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On Having Equal Rights no Matter the Similarity Between Your Genitalia and those of the Person you Love

And my answer to that question is, “Uh, which people do I need to vote for me?”

Or, how ’bout this:

Problem Solved

Ha ha!

It’s because I’m an elitist…

Well, in the least it would mean that I’d be able to get better seafood in the places where I spent the first 30+ years of my life.

It’s just to say that “gay marriage” is a wedge issue.  Or, it was.  It was a way to get homophobic people to believe their disparagement of the close proximity of similar genitalia had a direct connection to fiscal conservatism, the Iraq war, and a several other non sequiturs.  In 2004, it scared Democrats into some very unbecoming fence-riding while they tried to figure out how to say something that would make everyone vote for them.

I haven’t heard much about it recently though.

I think something new has come about:  The rise of Libertarian ideology within the Republican voting bloc.  People considered likely to vote Republican are wondering what the f*** the government is doing restricting marriages in the first place.  It goes something like, “I don’t care if you want the government to consider you a single civil entity with your goldfish.  Just sign here, swear before a judge, and it will be so.”  It’s a special kind of heart warming, isn’t it?

So, now Democrats know what to say.  “Yes on civil unions for everyone.  No on redefining marriage.”  Easy isn’t it?  It’s what Senator Biden said during his debate.  And, it was an answer Governor Palin was probably right in believing to be best left dodged in her debate.

Our young 21st century has also seen the Evangelical movement implement a very public and egregious use of the Christian religion to justify deep hatred, intolerance, and harm to others.  It has caused many who are willing to actually think about passages in the Bible to become quite taken aback.  I’m starting to see it as an unintentional invalidation of homophobia by reductio ad absurdum.  People who in the past merely felt that being born gay was “wrong”, but who dealt with their feelings very peaceably by self-segregating, were suddenly confronted with the most ridiculous hatreds.  Furthermore, the bearers of this hatred used the same justifications for it as the more mildly “gay is bad” crowd had used to back up their own views.  But, clearly, the Gospels never say to hate anyone.  I think that’s pretty plain.  Seeing their own thoughts exemplified in the extreme, some people are starting to back off and embrace more tolerance.

Others, however, continue to stage protests claiming hurricanes are God’s punishment for buying Barbara Streisand albums.

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