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1. A period of time defined as occurring between overloads of tasteless decor, such as the unavoidable and overly exuberant oppression of public space under thematic seasonal displays imbued with socially ingrained, usually trite symbolism; a period marked by relative calm during which the natural world and unadorned urban spaces are sometimes observable.

2. A word used to assert recognition of the belief that the absence of over-the-top kitsch displays, such as those intended to be invitations for conspicuous consumer spending, constitutes a “normal” state is a false belief; that the covering over of spaces with kitsch displays is in fact the celebrated and self-perpetuating “normal” state of public space in 20th and 21st century capitalist societies.  Interkitschnum is used to describe the void and undirected calm created by the periodic reset of ubiquitous kitsch, as intended to minimize boredom with one form of tasteless decor or another, and to initiate new waves of consumerist glee via the ritual progression of seasonal themes.

2008; University Diaries. interkitschnum. < 1275–1325; ME enteren < MF enterrer, prob. < VL *interrāre, deriv. of terra earth + 1925–30; < G, deriv. of kitschen to throw together (a work of art) + Unknown origin, num.

Thanks UD, my understanding of modern society has been forever elevated.


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