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Happy Thanksgiving

I am, by request, roasting a chicken to be delivered as a side dish/alternative to turkey — for the non-turkey loving crowd.  Sure, it strikes me as a little odd.  But, this feast, as with most of the large-scale socializing I do, will be packed full of Japanese people.  They have a different logic about these things.  And, that’s something I’ve learned to not question.  I mean, it’s never turned out badly.

I went to an upscale store to buy a free-range chicken.  They were $22.  So, I got one that said “No Antibiotics”, figuring that was Eco- enough, and paid $9.

I bought some fresh rosemary, because trimming down what’s left of my own plant would surely have spelled it’s end.

I’m going to try rubbing the bird down with bacon grease before I roast it.  Because: bacon!

I’ll also be thankful if I have in fact finally managed to clean my broiler pan well enough that I won’t be delivering a smoked chicken.  It wasn’t hickory wood caked on there, you know.

Then, later, I will drive to a small house that was probably worth some $2 million last year, because, you know, it’s Northern Virginia, but this year is down to being worth only 5 times what it would cost in a flatter part of the country.  We will eat a spread of American and Japanese cuisine.  Some people will discuss their jobs in various government agencies using entire paragraphs comprised of nothing but acronyms and connecting verbs.  It’s actually quite impressive until you realize you tuned out several minutes ago.  It’s also proof that blustery-faced “outsider” politicians are either naive or just lying to you when they say they can “fix” Washington because they’ve never been there.

Then, we will all be thankful that we’re able to be there and eat those things.

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