Hire Who? What, Me?

I am, right now, in the midst of negotiating an offer for real, live, gameful employment.

I am, therefore, unable to focus on anything, at all, and can not write an intelligible post about any other subject, if even this one.

I have known for over a week that THE CALL would be coming, thanks to an attentive and kind person who is aware of the arcane slowness of the hiring process.

I have, therefore, been relatively uninterested in all other things for some time now.

I made a counter offer 24 hours ago.  And, therefore, while I understand that there are forms to be signed in triplicate, each requiring a Reduction in Paperwork Act policy to be printed out  in quadruplicate before I hear a response, the fact of this matter plus the cheapness of the coffee I’m drinking has taken years off my heart’s life expectancy.

In other news, I’m working with transferring  ink jet prints onto traditional gesso panels along with with egg tempera.   Who else combines digital media with 13th century technology?   People who need durable, absorbent grounds, I guess…

Wait, what was I thinking about, again?


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