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Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen

Not even Jesus.

As by Leadbelly

(Click it, you know you want to)

The thing about working in private sector art galleries, et al., as I’ve done once or twice, is that in them, a person,  perhaps the owner, can just decide whether or not he/she wanted to hire you.  On the other hand, they know that because you are an artist you almost certainly have no other options for work in your field.  You will therefore earn less than you would in a functionally similar position in an industry that does not require your specialized knowledge.

The thing about working in non-profits, like the one I played such a complex and consuming role in establishing a few years ago, is that we could choose to act whenever we thought action was needed.  The downside was that we often delayed paying ourselves so that we could make sure the rent was paid.  That is, that’s when we paid ourselves.

The thing about working in academia is that it will take you months, 6 maybe, to get through a hiring process — if in fact there is no inside candidate, canceled search, etc. — within a generation “tenure-track” will be erased from the dictionary, and logical analysis in said field is often misdirected energy.  On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to be pummeled up out of (rather than down out of) the adjunct gauntlet, you will receive health insurance, retirement benefits, and a reliable pay check.

So then, apparently, the thing about securing a position with a non-academic government funded entity is that things move VERY slowly.  I don’t think that when all things are said and done, this will out-slow academic hiring processes, but waiting from Wednesday to Monday to hear back about a salary counter offer is not a thing that perks up a December weekend.

I do, however, look forward to that rarest combination known as work in the arts having dependable pay checks.  When I line that up with my experience in the non-profit world — more similar to this position than is my experience in academia — I believe the trade off with bureaucracy will be a favorable one.  But.  I mean. Um…  Resolution?

It would enable me to budget, and thus begin to craft my Xmas holiday plans.

Adding to my woes — related via both anxiety and employment — Friday brought an emergency doctor’s office visit for my wife.  Without health insurance, if that’s the end of it, we’re only out $240.  If that is not the end of it, there is this giant, gaping abyss of potential financial destitution just lurking out there at the end of a road paved with phrases like “let’s try this test.”

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