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There’s something I never liked about psuedonymity.  A certain je ne sais qui, if you will…

So, my name is…  ah …


can he do that here?

It feels so dirty, like a name tag sticker at a conference instead of a dangly laminated thing that has your affiliation printed just just small enough that you can tell when people are copping a sly glance at your credentials.

You can click on “Profile” up to the right and read all about me if you like.

I started this blog almost one year ago, after I required students in a couple of my digital media art classes to maintain blogs.  I didn’t want to be hypocritical.

And then, you know, I’ve always been a little uncomfortable about the conservative end of propriety in faculty/student relationships.  One of the things about me is that I succeeded by/while doing a whole slew of things that adults should not tell young people to do.  Now I’m all grown up and I remember when I still couldn’t see that coming.  Now I’m here and it doesn’t seem right for a teacher to obscure the continuity between his/her own childhood and maturity.  Moreover, it doesn’t mesh well with an honest approach toward art.

I did my undergrad at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  And, well, let’s just say it was an environment in which faculty could be very forthright.  Now I see how much of an asset that was.  I, however, always felt pressure to maintain a rigid professional protocol in the role I played toward students.  Because most of them were 18-22 year old kids, that was easy enough.  And, with the reality that every semester has a conniving negotiator or two, plus more than a few who are incapable of approaching an adult as an integrated human being, I thought it was best to keep my name off my blog.

Sometimes it’s just easier to be Charlie Brown’s teacher than it is to be open about the complexities of individuality.  But, it’s not good teaching.

Then, well…  I was unemployed.  And, one thing about taking a new job is that it demands flexibility.  Jobs define you, change you, require you to define yourself, change yourself.  Sure, that latitude narrows as our careers progress, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy not knowing which way you’re going to go.  (You try parlaying an MFA in visual art into a salary and health plan…) There’s a soul searching and a very special sort of wrenching by way of attrition.  There’s no way to be sure whether or not you’re being infantile by holding out for work you really want — when you should suck it up and do something you really don’t like, just for a paycheck.   Being as it was, I thought it was better to minimize the possibility that employers could associate my real name with Meteechart’s bitching about the job search.

Now, that’s over with too.

I’ll share the scoop after the last leg of the process is done dragging out.

I know that a couple of you out there knew me before you knew this blog. I’ve removed my mask & cape via email for any commenters that have asked me to.  I’ve also emailed others from my real email address, which contains my name.  And, in one case, when a person’s comment brought with it an IP address (it shows up when WordPress emails me the comments) that because of my own history would reveal more about that person than they’d want to reveal, I did so to make that person aware of connections we may or may not have.  (Yes, I do recognize a few IP addresses.  It’s a curse that comes with the tech side of being in digital media.  Like phone numbers, they just stick until I forget them.)

And now, things just feel more open, clean.


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