Existential Video Day

Today is existential video day.

It’s a follow up to my previous post pining for catharsis.


The best I could do for the first one is a 13 second clip on Google video.  Just keep replaying it and pretend it’s long.  Maybe that action can represent modern frustration or something.  It’ll be like in White Noise, or something.

Guido van der Werve. “Nummer Act (Everything is Going to be Alright)”

Then, for something alittle less Woman in the Dunes, a little more Sartre-y:

Körner Union. “Souvenir de Chine”

Finally, to round out the animal tensions:

Mircea Cantor.  “Deeparture”

This one was playing at the Hirshhorn for a while.  It’s a bit longer than the youtube clip.  But, again, you can go all Delillo on it, turn on a TV and a radio and keep reclicking “play”.


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