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Taking Time to Adjust, ’cause, well, It Seems to Make Sense

During the course of the past two weeks I’ve wondered more than once how people with real jobs maintain blogs.  Do you all do any work?

I didn’ t used to…

Work, I mean…

I do now — even though I know it doesn’t count for Republicans-come-Libertarianish-ists because it’s for a government.  But, rest assured, I do work now and I try to convince myself that some day even those people will be interested in benefiting from cultural activity à la art centers.

Then there is of course that I’ve changed fields within the visual arts.

It’s hard; changing fields…

Which things need forms signed by whom and which don’t?  When no one’s putting anything on your desk, how do you project forward and know what to initiate?

So, after I come home and cook dinner, now I’m resting away from the internet.  I dearly wish the TV wasn’t so god damned stupid all the time.  But, it is.  So, now I do mindless art prep work and play with the cats.  Then, I go to bed because I’m going to wake up at the god forsaken hour of 6:00 the next morning.

When I have some energy, I’m grooving in my own special can’t-really-groove way to Ill Ease.  In a bit of curiosity about nostalgia, I tried to track down on the internet some songs by New Radiant Storm King.  The album I was thinking about wasn’t relevant/good enough to my cuts-his-hair-short-enough-that-you-usually-don’t-notice-all-the-gray-(even-though-that’s-not-why-I-cut-it-that-way) self, to buy it.  So, thinking that Elizabeth Sharp was the only good thing that ever happened to that band — the drummer and the singer on the only songs I wanted to hear again, I tracked her down.  She’s Ill Ease now and an even smarter version of exactly what I was looking for.

Oh, and about the awkward use of semicolons and all the damned ellipses…  it’s worse when I speak.

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