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“Teaching Artist” — Blog Name Crises Averted

You know, I’ve been wondering about the future of this blog called “Teaching Artist” since I began the transition from art faculty to art administrator.  I’m involved with opening an art center — a community-building, art showcasing, government supported endeavor.  It’s a clean slate with stuff written all over it, or behind it maybe. Whatever the metaphor, I’ve got to figure that all out then find a way to move it forward.  I don’t really know where my thoughts will turn over the coming months or even exactly what I’ll be doing.

I thought about changing the name to “Administrating Artist”, although I had hoped I’d come up with something a little catchier.

Seems that won’t be a problem.  Because,

As of yesterday, more or less, I’m teaching a Portfolio Development class at Prince George’s Community College.

They called the day before to invite me to interview to teach a different class, that would have begun next week.  Things were things and the art faculty there seem like some good people.   Moreover, as I interviewed, there was a class going on  (Friday night, I know…) that still needed an instructor.  So, there I was with a presentation of my art work all ready and everything.  Next thing I know I’m presenting my work to a group of students as an artist, as an example of how to present art work, and as faculty on the first day of class working to win over the effort-commitment of his students.

Ahhh, I knew teaching wouldn’t let me leave.

The class is small — run with low numbers in an effort to build it up, and because it’s required for the AA and AAA degrees.  The students seemed sincerely interested.  My guess/hope is that if they signed up for a Friday night class, they’re probably dedicated. (Yeah, I know …)

So, I taking my new found secondary income out today to buy a laptop.  I perceive myself as a person that everyone assumes already has a laptop.   I don’t know, maybe people see through me better than that — being that the truth is I’ve never owned one.  I want to be  a laptop dude though, they look so, late twentieth century forward-thinking…  Besides, I’m going to need it to smooth the balancing act of holding two attention-consuming positions.

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