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“MeDoesn’tTeechArt” — Blog Name Crisis Reborn

So, it appears that I will not be teaching any art over the course of this semester after all.

The crux of it all boils down to the fact that I was hired to manage at an art center that is not open, has no set opening date, was supposed to open so many times so long ago that I’m not even sure when the first one of those was let alone know how much credence to give any one of those times, and seems to have no avenues through which I could change those facts.

As that is, I am currently working with niether a  job description nor a known schedule of future time commitments extra to the 9-5 work week.

Many people have different perceptions, apparently, of what that means for me.

Naturally, I have the least influence over the universally accepted perception of my job function — at least in terms of the most important things, like, um, keeping my job, receiving pay checks, etc.



On Friday, I served on a panel of judges for Fairfax County Public Schools Regional Scholastic Art Competition.  It was pretty cool.  I’d tell you who the winner of our category was, but I’m pretty sure, you know, being that the CIA is in that school district, that I shouldn’t.

I will say though, that seeing all the high school students’ work took me right back to those teenage years.  I think that’s a great compliment to the work — that it could be so revealing of the thoughts and attitudes of the students who made it.  The best of the work was really exceptional.  My sense is that, nationally, Fairfax Schools seem to be ahead of the curve in focusing their art curriculum on creative expression, rather than rote skill drawing, etc.  And, it shows.

So, not teaching, but a little teacherly-ness now and then…

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