Things That are Awesome, Especially Dave Letterman

These days, by the time I get home from the first 9-5 job I’ve ever had (yeah, and I’ve been fine and middle-class-ish and stuff) and finish my stint in DC traffic, all I really want to do is open the tap on my box of wine and convince the cats my attention is not what they need.

By the time that’s done and I’ve cooked dinner, blogging is nearly out of the question.

Besides, much of what’s occupying my mind amounts to bitching and moaning — things I will not descend to on this space.

I would like to write a post, inspired by voluminous rantings against Shepard Fairey, about erasing the meaning from history.  He’s sort of the opposite of Nancy Spiro, in the way an artist might use history to communicate ideas.  He’s like infant-sized Che T-shirts, whereas Nancy Spiro challenges her audience to learn more so that our broadened horizons may illuminate us about gender inequality in our own time.

Maybe  I’ll get to that post soon.

There are others.

In the meantime, I would like to tide you over with two awesome things.

One:  Twelve Animals.  Kentaro Nagai’s animation/designs reconfiguring maps of the earth into animal figures.

Two:  David Letterman interviewing Joaquin Phoenix.  It ends with, “I’m sorry you couldn’t be here with us tonight Joaquin.”

I remember, can’t forget, an interview Dave Letterman did years ago with an absolutely wasted Harrison Ford.  I’ve always respected Dave for the way he walked Harrison through that — not that any mortal could have completely obscured the fact that Mr. Ford appeared to have lost a battle to bring himself down from a few rails by cracking a bottle whiskey.  Not that I know what he was actually up to prior to his appearance.

Here in 2009, Joaquin Phoenix was irreparably bazooted off his gourd.  No recognition of the very idea that he’s on national TV.  Too f**d up for me to guess what he’s done to himself.

I link to it for all of you who have navigated evenings, day times,  of dealing with exceptionally intoxicated people, perhaps those of you who went to art school, you who have grown up and formed your lives in such a way that you won’t have to do that any more.  — those of you who know you’ve done this to other people, but are past a point where you would want to shut down that much of your brain again.

More than that, in the context of remembering that Harrison Ford interview, I honestly admire the way that David Letterman politely shows absolutely no respect for a guest that comes onto his show slurring his speech and  unaware of the movie he’s supposed to be promoting.  The entire audience is in on the jokes at Joaquin’s expense.  And Joaquin leaves apparently unaware that he’s a total dick.  His agent will tell him tomorrow.  Dave is the pro of late night pros


2 Responses

  1. it’s hard to tell whether Joaquin Phoenix was faking it or not during that Letterman interview, especially since he’s such a talented actor…

  2. But, why?

    I knew kids in high school who thought it was funny to pretend they were high. But, well, they were dumb and they were teenagers (is that redundant?).

    In any case, I’m not sure drugs or even forgetting when you’re in public and when you’re not have anything to do with being a good actor – one way or another. Then, since don’t really care about celebrity personal drama, as far as Joaquin goes, all that matters to me is the job he does as an actor in the movies I end up watching.

    Fake or not, I still admire the way Dave Letterman handled the situation as it was presented to him. I mean, I laughed.

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