Who is this guy anyway?

When you remove Meteechart’s mask, cape, and photo of the twinkie, he is an unassuming guy named Phil Davis.  Phil taught art art in community colleges, universities, and non-profits more or less until he decided that the sacrifices he made just to remain afloat among academic labor relations and job markets were far greater than the sum total of things academia would ever provide for him.  He still cares very deeply about education, art, and the union of those two things.

In January ’09, Phil went to work for the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, to help open and eventually manage a new art center in Brentwood, Maryland.  The Brentwood Art Center will feature regionally significant art exhibitions, serving as an anchor for the Gateway Arts District and providing and outlet for artists and artisans in the community.  The center will also host arts classes and workshops presented by the Prince George’s County Department of Parks and Recreation as well as other arts and culture events.

In the spirit of openness, transparency, et al., Phil’s website is www.phildavis.org.  He hasn’t updated the images on it since  January ’08 though.  Furthermore, the homepage has been hastily remade as a statement of protest against  Cascading Style Sheets.  You can just imagine how strongly he hopes he never ends up teaching web design classes again.

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