More on mapping + job searching

As I posted about earlier, I’ve been marking out various aspects of my professional and personal life in Google Earth.  I don’t know what will come of it, if anything.  It may just be part of my interest in information aesthetics.  But, I’m convinced there’s some heretofore unrealized knowledge deep within little icons spread across the globe.

Today while I was data-entering the latest places I’ve applied to jobs in, I remembered that some time ago I plotted out all of my Facebook friends’ friends in an exploration of the relationship between geography and social networking.  Three things need to be said about that: 1) I don’t have any friends in Facebook that aren’t people I’d actually call friends, 2) I don’t know if I can say the same for my friends, 3) There really isn’t any reasonable way to get data on the relationships of my friends who don’t have Facebook accounts.

The interesting thing I wanted to post in follow-up then, is that it appears that without any intention to do so, I haven’t sought a job in any location where there isn’t at least one person whom someone I know knows.  The map (flags represent jobs and most are buried under other markers, each other marker represents a person or a place I’ve been to.  No jobs are in a place with only one marker.)